Trinity Acupuncture of Doylestown

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Schedule of Events

Trinity Acupuncture schedules monthly lectures and events. These informal events center on education.  Refreshments are served and there will be time for questions at the end of each session. 
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Description of Event:

April 2019- Breath in the Spring and start a gentle holistic detox program specific to your needs.  Small group sessions.
October 20 - Happiness is the Highest form of Health - Psychotherapy, Aromatherapy, Life coaching and Acupuncture can support Emotional Well Being! (click here for more info.)

January 24th - 6 Weeks of Gentle Healing. Click on link below for more details-

Nov. 6th - Changing with the Season
At Doc Bakers Farmulations 
22 N. Main St
Thursday Nov. 6th
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Cost - $15.00 
call- 215-760-1691

 May 13-Women's Health

May 5 - To be announced 

April 29- Natural Mood Management

April 22-

April 15 - Acupuncture 101

April 8
- Detoxification for Physical and Spiritual Health-Join Nutritionist Irene Durham owner of Head First Nutrition for an informative and fun lesson on how to correctly do a healthy detox. Learn about the foods you should and should not be eating.Simple and practical ways to get the most out of your detox!!
Herbs and Acupuncture to support your program will also be discussed. Find out how Acupuncture can help move that "Stagnant Liver Qi" and which herbs can best help detox the body. 

March 25 - Cold Laser Therapy

March 18 - Aromatherapy Home Health Kit with Roberta Fortune - Essential Oils have many powerful attributes - antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal. Use these oils in replace of many of your OTC products. Discover many new uses for these ancient oils. Learn from Essential Oil Expert, Life Coach and SpaLady, Roberta. It's time for a Medicine Cabinet Make-over!

March 11 - Changing with the Season - After this cold and sedentary winter everyone needs to tonify and strengthen the Wei Qi to combat the spring allergies. Spring is a great time of year for a gentle detox. Herbs and acupuncture help strengthen and rejuvenate!

February 25 -  Immune Support with Acupuncture and Adaptogenic Herbs with Mary Ellen DeVito.  Adaptogens normalize many of the body's physiological functions. Find out about Ginseng, Astragalus, Reishi and other amazing herbs!

February 18 - Beat Stress with Naturopath Barbara Myers owner of Willow Health and Wellness Center. Poor Sleep? Weight Gain? Find out the root cause and natural remedies to these problems!

February 11 - Massage, Are you getting the most out of your Massage? Find out with Veronica Neri. Attend and you will be entered to win a free massage, you will also receive a free essential oil sample. 

February 4
- Aromatherapy First Aid Kit with Spa Lady and Wellness Coach Roberta Fortune. Simple affordable, natural home health care with essential oils for you and your family. 

January 28 - Colds and Flu - Learn how to manage colds and flu with Acupuncture, Herbs and Essential Oils. 

January 21 - Weight Control and Smoking Cessation with Auricular Acupuncture 
Points on the ear are powerful. They stimulate endorphins which can help relieve cravings and pain. Ear points can help with addictions, weight loss, and smoking cessation. 

January 14 - Body Worker's Workshop - Learn from Naturopath, Barbara Myers Jin Shin Jyutsu techniques to handle a variety of musculoskeletal issues. Also learn AromaTouch Techniques which will reduce stress and inflammation, and support the immune system. 

January 7 - Acupuncture 101-This class is for anyone interested in learning a little more about acupuncture. Curious if Acupuncture can help you? Come find out at this informal free talk.  Learn the basics and ask your question! 

12/17/13 - Body Worker's Workshop - Barbara Myers of Willow Health and Wellness Center will talk about Jin Shin Jyutsu

12/10/13 - Treating Colds and Flu naturally 

11/19/13 - Mood Management with Acupuncture and Essential Oils. 

11/12/13 -  AromaTouch -Learn this simple but effective therapeutic technique using  E.O.

 11/5/13 -  Acupuncture 101 -

10/22/13- Medicine Cabinet Makeover with Essential Oils.  Learn simple cost effective ways to stay healthy with Essential Oils. 

9/7/13 Bucks County Magazine comes out!  Great Article on Trinity Acupuncture by Margo Ragan

2/2/12 - Auricular Acupuncture 

2/25/12 - A Day For Dancers 

3/11/12 - Mary Mother of the Redeemer Health and Wellness Fair MMR Church - Montgomeryville

3/15/12 - Acupuncture Basics 101 

4/4/12 - Gilda's Club Talk with Acupuncture During Cancer

4/29/12 - Day for Dancers with En Arabesque Perkasie -more.
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