Trinity Acupuncture of Doylestown

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About the Practitioner
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Mary Ellen M. DeVito M.Ac., L.Ac., brings the proven benefits of acupuncture to the Bucks County area. Her life long passion has been to care for others utilizing natural remedies and holistic care. She holds a Masters in Acupuncture from the Won Institute of Graduate Studies and an undergraduate degree in psychology form Kean College in NJ.  Attending Health Choices School of Massage in Princeton NJ, she became AMTA certified. She has studied with the renowned herbalist David Winston, completing his intensive two-year program in 1994.

Mary Ellen Specializes in Women's Health, Infertility, Acute and Chronic Pain, musculoskeletal conditions and supportive holistic health care for numerous conditions. Her practice is a unique blend of acupuncture incorporating the use of both Western and Eastern understanding of the body.  Using Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Western Pain Management Acupuncture Techniques, Cupping, Moxa and Massage she individualizes treatments for each patient.

"My Journey with Mary Ellen began over a year ago. My body was in such a state of turmoil when I met her.  Within a short period of time after I started seeing her for acupuncture treatments, I began to feel more like myself again. I was in much less pain and I became much more positive. She really helped me turn myself around! I can't say enough about Mary Ellen's ability to tune into what is ailing a person and focus all of her efforts on healing as a whole. If you have aches and pains and just want to feel better, please don't hesitate. Go and see Mary Ellen! Be patient, give it some time, and you will get relief! Who knows? You may very well find a true body, mind, and spirit connection through her treatments... just like I have." - R.H.

"Acupuncture has been an invaluable tool in maintaining my overall health and wellbeing. I initially came to Mary Ellen to address hypothyroidism and a sluggish metabloism. Since starting treatments I've lost a significant amount of weight using diet, exercise and acupunccture. I also use it to address anything that may come up such as cough or colds, muscle soreness and trigger points. Acupuncture keeps me going strong even with a crazy schedule as a massage therapist.  I plan on continuing my treatments to maintain my health and to look and feel great.
Thank you, Mary Ellen."  Veronica N. LMT

To find out more about Trinity Acupuncture and Mary Ellen read the fall issue of the Bucks County Magazine!—first-resort/
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